Group exhibitions


2023-The exhibition –Exhibition “The Grand Duchy. Treasures of the Vladimir-Suzdal Land, The State Tretyakov Gallery

2022-The exhibition – “X-Nowness”, Basel Art Center

Voskhod Gallery, OBDN Gallery and Art Catch Gallery present ‘X-Nowness’, a collective exhibition supported by Voices of Culture, which opens at Basel Art Center on June 16th.

2022-The exhibition – “The Thinking Landscape”, Museum of Moscow

2021-The exhibition –Moscow-Seoul”, Museum of Moscow

2021-The exhibition –State of emergency, Tambov Regional Art Gallery

2021-The exhibition –Rome-ours”!, Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2021-The exhibition –  “Break 15 minutes”, National Center for Contemporary Art in Nizhny Novgorod (Arsenal)

2021 -The exhibition –“Future Lab. Kinetic Art in Russia”, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2020 -The exhibition – “ Town is broken“, Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2020 -The exhibition – “ArchMoscow-2020“, Gostinyi dvor, Moscow

2020 – The exhibition –“Wave of Dreams”, Triumph gallery, Moscow

2020 – The exhibition – “Break 15 minutes, All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, Moscow

2020 – The exhibition -“The secret is shaped like an ear“, CCI Fabrika, Moscow

2020 – The exhibition – “State of emergency“, Triumph gallery, Moscow

2019 -The exhibition – “Library”,  Triumph gallery, Moscow

2018 -The exhibition – “At the Fringes”,  VDNKh, Moscow

At the Fringes is an exhibition organized by the Department of Research Arts, a center for artistic research projects focused on the Russian territory. This new project shows the life at the fringes and in the border territories of Russia, where fringes are not exclusively state borders but also natural boundaries, land areas, divides and limits of space.

2018 -The exhibition – “Other Shores”,  Manege. St. Petersburg.

Triumph Gallery (Moscow) will present its key artists at the Other Shores Exhibition in Manege. This project reviews opportunities to keep and pass on experience and knowledge through personal notes, maps and routes. The exhibition is based on the idea of a psychogeographic drifting or studying urban environment through one’s aesthetic and emotional experience (the term was introduced by Guy Debord). In their works, the artists conceptualize the changes in today’s world. The reality they recreate in installations, videos, paintings and sculpture becomes a true mosaic of observations, collective memory fragments and fantasies of a potential future.

2018 – The exhibition – “Memória da Pessoa /O Destino da Sociedade. Rússia”, Brazil

Irina Chmyreva
em parceria com PhotoVisa, International Festival of Photography, Russia

2018 – The exhibition – “Fortress”, Kovcheg Gallery

2017 – The exhibition –“CONTEXT OF THE MEDIUM”,  CultProject Gallery

2017 –  The exhibition “Structures Fractals”, CultProject Gallery

2016 –  The exhibition  “Somebody Else’s Idea / Citation

The short-term exhibition of the Moscow Painters’ Club, Kovcheg Gallery

2015 —The exhibition “Intertext”, ERARTA museum, catalog (Erarta-Intertext-Catalogue)

2015 – The exhibition  “Atmosphere

The short-term exhibition of the Moscow Painters’ Club, Kovcheg Gallery

2015 — The exhibition “Russian Chrestomathy”

NCCA, Nizhny Novgorod, Arsenal. Curator: Vera Pogodina

2015 — The exhibition “Sound Moebius Strip” exhibition (Belyaevo Gallery)

TO SEE THE SOUND has been included in the Special Program of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. The co-organizers of the festival are the international Todays Art Festival (The Netherlands) and Moscow City Galleries Network.

Curator: Vitaly Patsyukov

Сurators of exhibitions: Olof van Winden, Ivan Antonov, Katya Bochavar, Anna Dorofeeva, Stuart Isacoff, Anastasia Kozachenko

2014 — The exhibition “Postcards from the artists
Organizers: The State Literature Museum, VP Studio Curator: Vera Pogodina

2014 — The exhibition “Ceremonial portrait

Organizers: The Studio 50a, Curator: Olga Bozhko

2014 «SCI-ART! Science, Art and Illusion»

2014 —  СONTEMPORARY DRAWING (Marble Palace)

 The exhibition is supported by Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation

2014  “LUCIDA SPACE” – National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)

Organizers NCCA, International Festival TodaysArt
Co-organizer Moscow city galleries network
Partners Goethe Institute, The Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Russia
Sponsor Mondriaan Fund
With the support of the New Art Foundation

Curators Vitaly Patsyukov (NCCA), Olof van Winden (TodaysArt)

2014  “The Gifts” – Shchusev Architecture Museum


Under the aegis of the Netherlands – Russia Year 2013
Special projects of Fifth Moscow Biennale Contemporary Art

Place: In the Moscow Planetarium, Exhibition Hall, Level 9 (5, bld. 1, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya)

Organizer: NCCA, The Moscow Planetarium
: the Russian Union of Artists


Special projects of Fifth Moscow Biennale Contemporary Art

The initiator of the project – MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE

Project managers – Zelydkovskaya Anna (Anya Zholud) and Olga Pautova.
The curator of the exhibition – Tanya Scheben

2013 — The exhibition “Wolves and Sheep” The State Literature Museum (I.S.Ostroukhov House)  Special projects of Fifth Moscow Biennale Contemporary Art
Organizers: The State Literature Museum, VP Studio Curator: Vera Pogodina

2013 — Dialogue With Technogeneous Reality – Samara Art Centre

2013 ГОСЗАКАЗ / GOSZAKAZ / Pechersky Gallery/Vinzavod … … … … Info … … … …

2012— New public sculpture in the woods – “Totems”. The program “Master of the forest ”

Technique – car tires. Special thanks to:
Elena Rubinina
Andrew Kusakin
Larissa Kusakina
Anastasia and Polina Nilovscaya
Alexander Rubinin
Mariana and Yana Ilyina

2012New public sculpture Trees Reconstruction (… … … …)

2012 On 12th of April, in LABORATORIA Art&Science Space there will be opened the «DUST»  (catalog)

2012 Russian Photography, FotoFest Biennial , Houston, 16 March – 29 April 2012

2011 Branch of the Literary Museum “The House Ostroukhov ” Trubnikovsky Lane . 17
“Postcards from the artists “

Group exhibitions

2011 “INFUSION” (special project of the 4th moscow biennale of contemporary art) Laboratoria Art @ Science Space

2011“SVOBODA”: Contemporary Russian Art, Spazio Carbonesi, Bologna (now)……………

Audio-video installation (26 min) Full HD video

2010 “Imperfetto”: Contemporary Russian Art, Spazio Carbonesi, Bologna

Photo installation, Full HD video, installation view

2009“Dead Souls”, State Literary Museum, Moscow

2008 — “Father Frost Lives”, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2008 — «Master of forest-II»-Land art project, Moscow, Russia

2007 — «Master of forest»-Land art project, Moscow, Russia

2006 — Fiac Grand Palas — Louvre Paris

2006 — ARTPole «Technology” Zelenograd, Russia.

2006«OKHO: Contemporary Russian Art»— New York

2006«New Mystics» – Cabrera Pinto Exhibition Hall, La Laguna, Tenerife

2006 Arco, Madrid, Spain

2005ARTPole, Moscow, Russia

2004Art Moscow Workshops – Central House of Artists, Moscow Russia

20028th of March Group show – Mukha gallery, Moscow, Russia

2000Group show , Aidan gallery, Moscow, Russia
LISTE’2000 — Bazel, Switzerland

2000Moscow forum of artistic initiatives, suggestions for Venetian Bienalle 2000 (in collaboration with S. Shuripa and T. Panova) – New Manege, Moscow, Russia

2000ART FORUM, Berlin, Germany

1999LISTE’99 — The Young Art Fair. Bazel, Switzerland

1998«250 years of Villeroy & Boch», Big Manege, Moscow, Russia

1996ART Manege, Big Manege, Moscow, Russia

1996Exhibition of prints at Russian hall of new technologies in Malaziya

1996«My cinema» — Kodak-Kinomir, Aidan gallery, Moscow, Russia

1992-1993 –  Participated in performances together with Mutants and Bags group, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia