“Lupa Capitolina agnos lactat”


Bronze, Indian marble, AP, 2016




IMG_9012 IMG_9015

«Eve» – 25 trancperent acrylic glass layers. Oil solvent print.

Adam Eve (“Out of Eden”, Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia 2006-2007)

Exhibition exposition



Lupa Capitolina – bronze sculpture

“Lupa Capitolina agnos lactat”

The exhibition “Wolves and Sheep”

Special projects of Fifth Moscow Biennale Contemporary Art

Organizers: The State Literature Museum, VP Studio Curator: Vera Pogodina

The exhibition “Wolves and Sheep” – is a joint project by curator Vera Pogodina and the State Literary Museum, code-named “Russian reader.” The project’s idea is pretty simple: all the most important and relevant issues in our contemporary life have been reflected some time ago in the titles of the works of classical Russian literature of the 19th century.







120×100 cm, stainless steel

Special projects of Fifth Moscow Biennale Contemporary Art

The initiator of the project – MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE

Project managers – Zelydkovskaya Anna (Anya Zholud) and Olga Pautova.

The curator of the exhibition – Tanya Scheben


Master of forest - III Master of forest - III

New sculpture in the woods – “Totems.” The program “Master of the forest.” 
Technique – car tires.


Special thanks to:
Elena Rubinina
Andrew Kusakin
Larissa Kusakina
Anastasia and Polina Nilovscaya
Alexander Rubinin
Mariana and Yana Ilyina

Trees Reconstruction Trees Reconstruction

Trees Reconstruction




2006 — ARTPole «Technology” Zelenograd, Russia.


“The product of labor”