1971 Born in Moscow

1985-1989 Taking drawing, water-colour graphics and cabinet painting lessons in his spare time.

1994 He graduated from the Tsiolkovski Moscow state University.

1995 Post graduate courses at the Tsiolkovski university



Solo shows


2022 Architectonics, Triumph gallery, Moscow

2021-2022 Steel Life Kultproekt gallery CUBE, Moscow

2016 The sequences of conditions, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2014 Topsy-Turvy, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2013 CY, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2012 Skygraphics, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2010 Day After Day, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2008 Automatic letter, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2007 Out of Eden, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2003-2004 Cosmoscopia in action, Aidan Gallery, Moscow

1999 Cosmoscopia, Aidan Gallery, Moscow

1997 ‘Dance, Love, Purity’, Aidan Gallery, Moscow



Group Shows


2022-The exhibition – “The Thinking Landscape, Museum of Moscow

2021-The exhibition – “Moscow-Seoul, Museum of Moscow

2021-The exhibition – “State of emergency, Tambov Regional Art Gallery

2021-The exhibition – “Rome-ours”!, Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2021“Break 15 minutes”, National Center for Contemporary Art in Nizhny Novgorod (Arsenal)

2021 “Future Lab. Kinetic Art in Russia”, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2020 ” Town is broken”, Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2020 “ArchMoscow-2020“, Gostinyi dvor, Moscow

2020 “Wave of Dreams”, Triumph gallery, Moscow

2020 “Break 15 minutes”, All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, Moscow

2020 “The secret is shaped like an ear”, CCI Fabrika, Moscow

2020 “State of Emergency”, Triumph gallery, Moscow

2019 “Library”, Triumph gallery, Moscow

2018 «At the Fringes Exhibition», VDNKh

2018 «Other Shores», Exhibition in Manege, St. Petersburg

2018 «A Memória da Pessoa /O Destino da Sociedade. Rússia», CLIF, Brazil
Curadora: Irina Chmyreva
em parceria com PhotoVisa, International Festival of Photography, Russia

2018 «Fortress», Kovcheg Gallery

2017 «Context of the medium», CultProject Gallery

2017 «Structures Fractals», CultProject Gallery

2016 «Somebody Else’s Idea / Citation»,
The short-term exhibition of the Moscow Painters’ Club, Kovcheg Gallery

2015 «Intertext», ERARTA museum
Curator of the exhibition – Elizaveta Shagina

2015 «Atmosphere»,
The short-term exhibition of the Moscow Painters’ Club, Kovcheg Gallery

2015 The exhibition «Russian Chrestomathy»,
NCCA, Nizhny Novgorod, Arsenal. Curator – Vera Pogodina

2015 The exhibition «Sound Moebius Strip», Belyaevo Gallery

2014 «SCI-ART! Science, Art and Illusion»

2014 «Сontemporary drawing», (Marble Palace), St. Petersburg
The exhibition is supported by Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation

2014 «Lucida space», National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
Curators Vitaly Patsyukov (NCCA), Olof van Winden (TodaysArt)

2014 «The Gifts», Shchusev Architecture Museum

2013 «Sluisen», Changing poles, (NCCA)

2013 «Srez», Domestic sculpture today

2013 «Wolves and Sheep», State Literary Museum, Moscow

2013 «Dialogue With Technogeneous Reality», Samara Art Centre

2013 «Goszakaz», Pechersky Gallery, Winzavod

2012 «Russian Photography», FotoFest Biennial, Houston

2012 «Dust», Laboratoria Art&Science Space

2011 «Infusion», Laboratoria Art & Science Space, Moscow

2011 «Svoboda», Spazio Carbonesi, Bologna

2010 «Imperfetto», Spazio Carbonesi, Bologna

2009 «Dead Souls», State Literary Museum, Moscow

2008 «Dead Moroz Lives», Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2008 «On Mortal in Art. In memory of Nikolay Konstantinov», M-Gallery, Rostov-on-Don

2008 «Master of Forest-part II», (with Elena Rubinina), Land art project, Krasnogorsk

2007 «Master of Forest-part I», (with Elena Rubinina), Land art project, Krasnogorsk

2006 «ARTPole Technology», Zelenograd

2006 «Okho»: contemporary russian art, Sotheby’s New York, New York

2006 «Nuevos Misticos», Sala de Arte Contemporеneo, Tenerife

2005 «ARTPole Technology», Gorki-10

2004 «Workshops Art Moscow», Central House of Artists, Moscow

2000 «Group Show», Aidan Gallery, Moscow

1999 «Proposals for Venice Biennale 2001», New Manege, Moscow

1996 «Russian exhibition hall of new technologies», Koala Lumpur, Malaysia

1996 «My Cinema», Kodak-kinomir, Moscow

1996 «Mutants and Old Bags», perfomances (participation) group, Central House of Artists, Moscow

1996 Performances in «Petrovskoe Podvorye», (participation), Moscow, Russia