Maxim Ksuta

russian artist, contemporary art, sculpture, installation, photography

Month: May, 2013

Underfoot series



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Dialogue With Technogeneous Reality – Samara Art Centre

t HD audio-video-installation, Triumph gallery, Moscow 2013

Program: [Context of the visual]

Curators: [Vitaly Patsyukov], [Aliya Berdigaliyeva]

Coordinator: [Maria Punina]

Participants: [Leonid Tishkov], [Vladimir Tarasov], [Anna Ermolayeva], [Marina Chernikova], [Vladislav Efimov], [Vladimir Martynov], [Aristarkh Chernyshev], Dziga Vertov, Fernand Léger, Dudley Murphy, [Mikhail Tsekhanovsky], [Boris Yurtsev], [AES+F group], [Maxim Ksuta], [Nelya and Roman Korzhov], [Alexander Zaytsev], [Vladimir Logutov], [Social Adaptation group]

Organizers: NCCA Volga Branch, Samara Regional Public Charity Fund “Contemporary Art Centre”, ART-CENTRE Gallery SAMARA-CENTRE Ltd.

With the support of: RUSS OUTDOOR, VICTORYA Gallery, Moscow State Cinema Museum, XL Gallery, Triumph Gallery, Samara Regional Art Museum

Opening: May, 11, 7 pm

Place: Samara Art Centre (90, Michurina, Samara, Russia)
Coontacts:, +7 (846) 212-03-80, +7 (927) 604-33-05

This exhibition project, built on rare 1930s film footage and works by prominent contemporary artists, poses questions about the relationship of humans with man-made reality and the possibilities of self-identification through technology and production. Today, the humans’ attitude towards technology is consumerist. Perhaps it is because of the lack of direct contact with machines of production that the postindustrial man loses his positive attitude not only towards the mass-produced objects but also his own life which, much like machines and technology, is not under his control any longer.

Trees Reconstruction


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