Maxim Ksuta

russian artist, contemporary art, sculpture, installation, photography

Month: April, 2013

ГОСЗАКАЗ/GOSZAKAZ/Pechersky Gallery/Winzavod

ГОСЗАКАЗ/GOSZAKAZ/Pechersky Gallery/Winzavod

Overcoming the Space

In my project, communication is a part of the space-time continuum. I know for sure that space and time is a single construct which is called “matter”. From ancient times mankind aims to embody the notion of time: Mexican and Egyptian pyramids are immense and incredible in their excellence, and these pieces of art will have a long life within the history. My “Teleports” are rather objects of contemporary art, although I have been thinking a lot about the practical side of the project.
Interactive spacebridges with Liquid Crystal Displays broadcast the day stream of other world capitals – London, Rome, Berlin, Paris and others – with their unique rhythms and drawings of life. The main function of such objects is social communication. Objects are equipped with high-quality HD panoramic video cameras which enables the passers-by to greet citizens of other cities, to wave their hands, to give a wink, etc.
“Teleports” are objects for communication, but unlike iPad they are public, not individual. These are the windows to the “different reality” with its different life flow, which carry a user through space and expand its conscious in the right direction – direction of consolidation of the humanity as a whole, unification of it as a whole and its unit, a particular human individual. Not only “Teleports” would be of interest for citizens, but, I believe, they would become a true attraction for them.
Maxim Ksuta



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Teleport from maxmaxovich on Vimeo.

Teleports in process
Maxim Ksuta & Mikhail Kiselev – Pechersky Gallery – Vinzavod